Industrial bookshelf

Make your space organised with special industrial bookshelves where you can store all your favorite litterature and a lot of other things. The advantages of our industrial design bookshelves are minimalistic design and the diversity of used materials. Each bookrack is a unique model and exclusively sold only to one customer. A handbuild piece of industrial furniture will suit almost any room and style.

Designing an industrial bookshelf

The main materials that Falpark uses for an industrial bookshelf making are solid steel and wood. Bookcases are available in a number of sizes and models that depend on your preferences and the purpose of usage. We take care of the whole process of an industrial bookshelf creation: from a blueprint till the building of the furnishing piece.

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About Falpark industrial furniture

Falpark supplies with industrial bookshelves in various sizes and variations. We are based in Belgium and our company is focused on selling industrial furniture worldwide. The range of furniture includes tables, dog table bowls, cases, cabinets and many other models for various usage. The purpose of our racks is not limited by books, our industrial bookshelves can serve for instance as:

  • extra storage place
  • dressing compartment
  • cuisine cabinetry
  • design furniture

Let’s Talk!

Contact us to discuss the details of your industrial bookshelf. Leave us a message at or give us a phone call on +32 498 85 76 62.

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