Industrial tables

Looking for a special industrial table for your office, dining or living room? Have a brief look through our catalogue of industrial furniture. The whole industrial tables range that we propose is custom made according to your needs and the end purpose of use.

Unique designs of industrial furniture

The basis of all our furniture is metal, steel and various types of solid wood connected with all-times used screws and rivets. We work in collaboration with our Czech colleague Vaclav Jirasko, a furniture designer who scratches the design from the start and makes the biggest part of our industrial furniture including tables we offer. Each designed piece is exclusive and there is no other same one.

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About Falpark

Falpark is specialized in industrial furniture and ready to offer you manifold types of design furnishing such as industrial tables, cabinets and bookcases and many more. Industrial furniture is a part of Bauhaus, steampunk and garage styles which are inspired by old factories and industrial architecture and mainly concentrate on solid materials. Among standard pieces of furniture Falpark supplies with:

  • Dog table bowls
  • Various industrial tables
  • Cafe/restaurant cabinetry
  • TV and coffee tables

Contact us now!

Have a design idea for an industrial table and you want to implement it in your house, office, shop or restaurant? Do not hesitate and write us an email at, you will receive an answer as soon as possible. There is always an opportunity to give Falpark a direct call at +32 498 85 76 62 to discuss the blueprint, materials, cost of making, delivery possibilities and order your piece of industrial furniture.

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