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    Tower table on sale

    1,950 1,250

    Very cool coffee table inspired by a steel tower.

    Steel base with oak top.

    88x58cm, 48 cm tall


    This table has been on display during 3 trade-shows. Take the deal while it is available !


    Normal price €1950 now yours for €1250 !




    One of the first designs that we’re created by Vaclav Jirasko :

    Tower table in red with oak top.

    This fantastic piece of art is created to be a centerpiece in any industrial interior.

    Everybody will recognize where the builder got his inspiration !

    Custom colours and tops are available upon request. Do not hesitate to tell us what you want and get in touch !


    Hand built by Vaclav Jirasko









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    88x58cm, 48 cm tall

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